About Us



               Top Tier Body is a premium apparel company that specializes in fitness and sportswear. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality of service and quality and aspire to be the best brand for the people. We believe in the journey—the one that you live and breathe every day to obtain happiness and health.

               We spend months and resources on developing the best possible products. We don’t just stop there—even after the product launches, we always look to improve and update them as needed. We listen to community feedback and look for inspiration on how to perfect each individual item. Most other companies only care about numbers and releasing new products almost weekly—not us. We are paying attention to detail and choosing quality for quantity! We know we know; you’ve heard it all before. But it’s true, we are not hunting for profit and are not paying ourselves salaries. We truly are on a mission to become the best fitness apparel company ever and are putting all the money back into the company. By shopping with us and supporting our growth, you are part of a community of change and empowerment.                       

               Empowering each other is what we do. We do nothing alone and you shouldn’t either! Be part of our community and support a good change in this cut-throat industry! Not only do we sell you our beautiful fitness garments, we aspire to fulfill your dreams and goals on becoming better—becoming the best version of yourself both in health and in wellness. After buying our products, we promise to stand behind you. How do we do that? Well, for 12 months after buying an item, you can exchange that item for free for a new size! Lost weight? Added muscle? We got you. Just go through the return center and tell us your story on how you hit your goal and are ready to size down or size up. We will send you a free shipping label to return your item and then send you the new one ASAP. We want you to keep going and keep on hitting your goals! NO other company would dare do that! They’ll lose money! But again, we are in it to make a change, not the money. We had a vision on how a company should be managed and are taking the risky and necessary steps to doing that. Our policies will ALWAYS continue to update and improve as we strive to give you the confidence and happiness to shop online for fitness clothing.

               At Top Tier Body, we believe in good morals and principles, it’s as simple as that. Most online stores make you feel terrible for picking the wrong size, wrong color, or maybe you just didn’t like the product. We believe in happiness and good energy. If you’re not happy, we aren’t either. That’s why we love feedback and have policies in place to make you feel confident. We offer our customers 14 days to return or exchange ANY item, no questions asked. If you changed your mind on the color or style, just go through the return center and let us know. We’ll send you a free shipping label and your new item(s) right away. If you simply want a refund, just return them and we’ll give you all your money back. You have 14 days, that is plenty of time to try them on and take some selfies to see if you feel like a 10/10 with your new fits.

               This is Top Tier Body—the best fitness apparel brand out there. Notice how we didn’t just make claims and “talked” (like most brands), we backed them up with policies and principles that can lose us money but gain us your happiness. And if there is any other issue you ever have, just DM us on Instagram or e-mail us and we will resolve it asap. Anyways, welcome to our community and have fun being part of something bigger! #believeinthejourney




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