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Let's take a moment to be thankful... 


We are loving our growing community! We launched back in August and a few months later, here we are celebrating our first holiday season--and it's been an amazing journey seeing our clothing and brand be shown off everywhere! Thank you. Now let's get straight to our topic: Look, the reality is--as a business and company, we want nothing more than to be there for you and be part of your gift-giving for the holidays. There is nothing more exciting than having us under your Christmas tree! We work hard all year to build quality fitness gear you'll love to wear through your journey, so when it comes to the holidays, we don't give a damn if we break even or lose money if it means we get to be part of your Christmas. For this reason, we will be hosting a Holiday Sale for all the items. No, not a simple Black Friday "sale", we will be running a Holiday Sale that lasts through the holidays so that you and your loved ones have a fair chance at receiving premium fitness gear without feeling the pressure to do so on only Black Friday. Get those new leggings in any color. Get that new Midnight Warrior tank top. Get those new joggers. Get anything you want, anytime through the holidays! 


Let's break down our Holiday Sale


Sale: $100 FREE, on us... to shop with us. 

Explain please: Using the code "holiday", you and all your loved ones will obtain a $100 credit to shop any and all items That's free leggings, T-shirts, anything! Now, there is a minimum order required on this type of sale. Our minimum order is $225, so as long as you have that much (or more) on your cart, we'll apply the $100 free credit towards that at checkout. So in reality--although you have $225 or more on your cart total, you're obviously not going to pay that much since your free $100 will apply before having to pay. This is perfect if you've been wanting a completely new wardrobe of workout gear or have friends/family who are getting into fitness again! Excited? Well get ready. The Holiday Sale starts on Thanksgiving, November 22nd (2018) and lasts all the way through Christmas! Best part? We will be processing free size exchanges on all items bought through the holidays! Don't worry if you're unsure if they will fit or not, we'll take care of you all and ship your new sizes right away. The free exchange window for the holiday sale will close on January 7th--so relax and let us take care of you. Oh, and we will not be restocking items throughout the holidays. Once our products start selling out, that's it. We suggest making your list on the top items and sizes you want so that you have the chance to quickly snatch them when it goes live.


That should be enough info for you all to understand our philosophy and sale (: We can't wait to be part of your Christmas and you a part of ours! Happy Holidays and make sure to spread the love and joy with friends and family! What are you getting with your $100?


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  • If you have been wanting just a an item or two you can also simply receive 30% off everything using one of our Affiliate’s discount codes! Applies throughout the holidays. Our Affiliate’s, Ambassadors, and Athletes are followed by us on Instagram. -ttb

    • Top Tier Body
  • Wow I had to read this twice just to believe that this deal was real! I’m so excited to grow my closet with even more amazing fitness clothing!

    • Mary



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